Make your Stakeholders feel like stars

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The CII is the premier professional organisation for those working in the Insurance and Financial Services industry.

It’s a global operation and employs over 200 people.  As such, each person within the organisation has a huge array of stakeholders that they need to influence, manage and motivate. Their reputation and effectiveness can hinge on how well they come across in meetings, how well they communicate and how they deliver on promises.


Working with people whose personalities tend to be very different to ours can be extremely challenging and frustrating. It takes skill to be able to recognise and understand personality styles, then adapt our own behaviour and communication style in order that we get the most out of our interactions.

Specific challenges included:

  • How to get quicker buy-in from internal stakeholders
  • How to work with dominant personalities who are very different from yours
  • How to work with stubborn senior people
  • What to do when the meeting is not balanced. Especially what to do when your colleague in the meeting is overbearing, dominating, etc.
  • How to be helpful without being prescriptive. Firm without being forceful.  Open to ideas without being submissive.
  • How to get the best out of people particularly those you find frustrating



The workshop focused on the 4 main personality styles and showed people how to adapt their style to increase buy in, to manage and motivate.  How to raise and respond to challenging conversations was also covered.  The material was tailored to their specific challenges so that the delegates left with actionable strategies.


When asked what the most useful part of the workshop was, comments from the delegates included:

  • Great content, very engaging delivery and, above all, immediately actionable
  • Tailored content to our own specific challenges was really useful, I got a lot out of it.
  • Excellent, engaging and very well presented
  • Being reminded that everyone doesn’t think in the same way I do
  • The practical exercises which focused on our own day to day challenges was highly useful.
  • Learning about raising and responding to challenging conversations

The delegates will be contacted 3 months later to see how the knowledge, insight and skills have made a difference to the way they communicate with their stakeholders. Watch this space.


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“Melissa delivered the workshop on making your customers feel like stars. We worked with Melissa on this workshop as the content and Melissa’s approach provides a different approach and perspective for what is an important topic. Melissa was impressive in that she adapted the content to meet our requirements, asked lots of relevant questions to ensure the content was relevant for the delegates and most importantly the delegate feedback was positive. An interactive yet practical workshop well balanced with theory and discussions.”


Tali Shlomo, Head of Human Resources, CII