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Bourlet Case Study

Client survey exercise enables Bourlet Consulting to add £25k to bottom line in year one and as a result, take on new member of staff



Bourlet Consulting is a fast-growing firm of Chartered Financial Planners based in the Southwest.  Founded in 2004, they have seen client numbers grow from 2012 to 2016 by 155% and assets under management by 240%.

One of the challenges they faced related to time and servicing clients.  How could they keep on growing and offering the same level of service? Could they streamline their client take on and review process without the client’s experience suffering?

As well as getting insight on this challenge, there were 3 additional objectives:



  • To understand the “temperature” of a mix of influential clients
  • To demonstrate to key clients that their opinion was valued


Insight on the customer journey including:

  • The take-on process
  • annual reviews


Future acquisition

  • To understand why clients choose Bourlet Consulting
  • To gain a view on what else they would like to see Bourlet Consulting offer



Insight led to the client take on process being altered so that:


  • An element of the process has been monetized – (year 1 has seen around £25k added to bottom line) this extra income has led to the employment of another member of staff – a year earlier than expected.
  • Time is being invested on the clients – who are the best fit for the business – rather than spending the same amount of time on all clients
  • There is less risk associated with the take on process. An effective use of an agreed menu of pricing options has proved very effective in monetizing the value provided in the take on process.
  • Clients experience a much more bespoke service and as a result retention and referral rates will increase


How we got there

  • Bourlet selected around 15 of their key clients – which represented a good a spread
  • Bourlet and Motem designed the questions together
  • Bourlet sent questions and asked their replies to go to Motem – who followed them up with a conversation to elicit more detail.


A report was then written, presented to the Directors with findings and recommendations

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“Our clients enjoyed being asked their opinion by someone independent of the business and I have already referred Motem to a number of our contacts. She was chosen as she has excellent interpersonal skills, listens very carefully and asked intelligent questions from the responses given. Our clients liked her (critical for us) and the survey was completed on time, on budget and the results were well presented in a report for us together with a presentation face to face which we valued. We were keen to understand the softer issues and the insight proved invaluable to us in improving our client experience.


Robert Johnson, Director