Case study: Make your Clients Feel Like Stars

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Mason Zimbler is an award-winning creative agency with an envious client list:

Google, Samsung, Microsoft, Coca cola, IBM and Vodafone to name a few.  A workshop was created which was rolled out across the agency for Client Service Directors, Account Directors, Account managers and Planners.


Offering great client service, running a profitable account and doing a good job are all diametrically opposed. If you focus too much on doing a brilliant technical or creative job but the client doesn’t enjoy the process, then it’s not a great result.  But if you “over service” by spending too much time on the job, so the client’s happy then it’s not going to be a profitable account – and the Financial Director won’t be pleased.  Getting the balance right is a daily challenge faced by every creative agency (and business) out there.

They’ve won countless awards for their creative and were profitable.  And so the MD James Trezona wanted to ensure that the clients felt like stars too in all their dealings. After all “phoning their agency should be the best part of a client’s day” he said.

With clients are spread all over the world – Korea, US, and many with differing cultures – adaption is the name of the game.  Not only to the dominant personalities but also to the country and company cultures in which they operate. Much of the communication was done over email and so at times quite challenging to build rapport.


On our recommendation they did client survey – to get some feedback as to what clients actually thought.  This provided some useful insight. A half day workshop was created around their particular needs and challenges, which refreshed their thinking around what and how they should discuss and relate with clients.


The following points were of particular use to the delegates:

  • The ideas generated by the “surprise and delight” discussion
  • New client visit ideas
  • Recognising and understanding personality traits
  • Rewarding individual clients
  • Focusing on the softer side of client interactions as well as financial aspects
  • Understanding the 7 things that clients want
  • Seeing things from clients’ perspective
  • Understanding how to adapt to get the most out the relationship
  • Reflecting  and bringing it back to our own experiences


As a result, the team have committed to allocating time each fortnight to brain storm ideas regarding how they can help their clients feel like stars.  Just as they brain storm creative ideas, this is now going to be a feature of their fortnightly meetings.