Team Effectiveness

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Team Effectiveness

Why this?

The Chartered Insurance Councils are made up of a variety of professionals – ranging in seniority, skill set and experience. Each year, with new members joining, there is a need for the group to get to know each other to a greater extent – to better understand the talents, skills, contacts and experience the Council now can potentially access. Additionally, the skills can easily be transferred into the workplace.


What is this?

This interactive session will help the group to work more cohesively and effectively.  By getting to know each other and enhancing everybody’s understanding of the roles and the responsibilities in which they fill, the session will be designed to bring everybody’s strengths to the fore.


What will it cover?

  • Introductions and getting to know each other in a light-hearted way
  • How to introduce yourself effectively – avoiding the 3 common pitfalls
  • Spotlight on specific skills and talents and how they help address challenges faced by the Council
  • 4 main personality styles – understanding what makes us tick and how each personality style prefers to operate in a team setting


How long is it?

1.5 hours


Who has done it before?

This session was designed for the Insurance Institute of Bristol.  The following testimonial was supplied by one of the participants:


“Each year we have new members joining the Council and it’s a challenge to work out how to maximise the new talent, skills and experience in order that we, as a team, work as effectively as possible.

Motem’s short session on team effectiveness helped us do just this.  Not only did we gain insight into our various personalities, we also highlighted everyone’s strengths and are stronger, clearer and more cohesive as a result.


Richard Smith, Global Head of Underwriting Academy, Zurich.

Team effectiveness

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“Wherever Melissa goes, the events are always a great success thanks to her relaxed, engaging presentation style and very useful tips.”

Sam Roberts, Area Marketing Manager, CII