Make your Stakeholders Feel Like Stars

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Why this?

Working with a large number of stakeholders can be a challenge.  While different personalities, works styles, opinions and values all add to the “rich tapestry” of life, they can also slow things down!

Understanding how to tailor approaches and communication according to different personality styles can make a huge difference to the speed at which things can get done – owing to stronger rapport and trust.

Who is it for?

It is ideal for those who work in a large organisation or who have a large number of stakeholders and need to get a lot done quickly.

What is this?

This session is a chance for delegates to step out of the busyness of day to day and reflect on the relationships they have with their stakeholders.

By the end of the session delegates will be able to

  • Describe the 7 things that all clients want
  • Recognise the 4 main personality styles
  • Assess their own dominant style
  • Describe the personality styles of their key clients
  • Recognise what’s important to them
  • Actively listen so that clients feel heard and understood
  • Adapt their pace to build rapport
  • Adjust their style of communication to strengthen the relationship
  • Surprise and delight their clients
  • Address challenges that working with other personalities can present

How long is it?

3 hours

How many delegates can take part? 

Up to 12





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“Melissa delivered the workshop on making your customers feel like stars. We worked with Melissa on this workshop as the content and Melissa’s approach provides a different approach and perspective for what is an important topic. Melissa was impressive in that she adapted the content to meet our requirements, asked lots of relevant questions to ensure the content was relevant for the delegates and most importantly the delegate feedback was positive. An interactive yet practical workshop well balanced with theory and discussions.”


Tali Shlomo, Head of Human Resources, CII