Make your People feel like Stars

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Empower, motivate and inspire

Why this?

Research shows that one of the key reasons people leave companies is because they have a difficult relationship with their manager, not because they are struggling to do the job.  So, to hold on to your talent it’s crucial you understand how to get the best out of people. There are some very simple and quick ways to enable this once you know how. And yet very often manager’s own heavy workloads can mean opportunities to empower, motivate and inspire are missed.

Who is it for?

This is for managers and senior leaders.

What is this?

This session is a chance to step out and reflect on their style. It focuses on how they lead by example. Reviewing their strength and qualities, we discuss how they can express them in a range of situations. We look at the opportunities for them to empower, motivate and inspire throughout their day. Then we discuss how best to do this, based on the various personalities in their team and what feels natural for them.

By the end of this course delegates will be able to:

  • Recognise the small things that make a big difference
  • Connect with their values as managers of people
  • Recognise the different personality styles in their team
  • Bring out the best in their team members by understanding what switches them on
  • Avoid switching them off by using the wrong approach
  • Ask powerful and conversational coaching questions
  • Start potentially challenging conversations so that your team member doesn’t feel anxious about having got something wrong
  • Manage “millennials” more effectively as they need a fresh approach

Please note this won’t cover addressing underperformance management specifically.

How long is the session?

3 hours

How many can attend?

This session is for 12


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“The training we received at senior management level on ‘Making our People feel like stars’ was well-thought out, insightful and provided us with practical tips on how to deal with different personality types.”


Suzie McFarland, Operations Director, Mason Zimbler