Client retention

Imagine if, on a regular basis, your clients told their friends and colleagues about the incredible service they’d received from your company. Imagine if your team could more effectively hold challenging conversations which served to strengthen their relationships and reputations.  Imagine if all your prospects and clients trusted your company from the get go…

How much more successful do you think your company could be?

We would recommend that in order to change behaviour and see lasting results, you take a programmatic approach which combines the below modules and one to one coaching reinforce the learning.

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“The training we received at senior management level, and agency-wide on ‘Making our Clients feel like stars’ was well-thought out, insightful and provided us with practical tips on how to deal with different personality types. Thank you Melissa!”


Suzie McFarland Operations Director Mason Zimbler


Motem New Business - How To Have Challenging Conversations

Motem Client Retention - Make Your Clients Feel Like Stars